Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement is a division of the Bolingbrook Police Department. Code Enforcement officers work in conjunction with the police officers to better assist citizens in maintaining property values and the quality of life in Bolingbrook. The department enforces property maintenance codes and facilitates the Good Neighbor Rent/Lease Program for the village.

Good Neighbor Program

To learn more about the Good Neighbor Rent/Lease Program click below.

Examples of Violations

Accessory structures in ill repair

  • Shed
  • Detached garages
  • Fences
  • Decks, Stairs, and Porches

Accumulation of debris

Cars Parking on the grass

  • It is illegal to park ANY vehicle on an unpaved surface.

Car Sales in shopping centers

  • It is illegal to place a car For Sale in a commercial lot

Commercial Vehicles

  • It is illegal to park or store commercial vehicles in a residential or commercial area that is not designed for such use.

Home/Building Exterior surface in ill repair

  • Rotten wood
  • Eaves/Fascia/soffit
  • Roof
  • Peeling paint
  • Gutters
  • Siding
  • Shutters
  • Fancy trim work
  • Front door
  • Side doors
  • Garage door
  • Windows
  • Window screens
  • Storm door (screen/glass)

Garbage out too early

  • Garbage may not be placed at the curb until 6:00pm on the day before your regularly scheduled pickup.
  • Landscape waste (branches must be cut to 3 feet in length & bundled with rope or twine) grass clippings, to be placed in a Kraft or similar Refuse-Waste brown paper bag, approved by the Village.

Grass/Weeds should not be over six inches.

Holiday decorations

  • Holiday decorations/lights may only be up for 90 days.

House numbers

  • House numbers must be on the primary structure (preferably near main entrance), clearly visible and legible from the street.
  • The numbers must also be in a contrasting color
  • And at least 3” inches in height.

Illegal driveway extension

  • A driveway must be all concrete or asphalt.
  • Decorative rock or gravel is not acceptable driveway extension.
  • Drive/Walk in ill repair

Illegal dumping (Fly dumping)

  • Illegal dumping may result in a $100.00 fine
  • Construction dumpster may not be used for residential garbage or landscape waste.

Improper storage of garbage

  • Garbage may not be stored in front of the house (or sides if house is located on the corner lot), and must be stored in covered containers if kept outside.
  • Recycle bins are not to be placed or stored in public view from the street.
  • All garbage receptacles must be stored in garage.

Junk Cars/Abandoned Vehicles

  • All vehicles in public view must have valid license plates, valid vehicle sticker and is operational, or they will be marked for tow.


  • Recreational vehicles (boats/camper/RV), storage must meet certain requirements within the village. Ordinance Chapter 25-53

Stagnant water

  • All swimming pools must be drained or properly covered when not in use.