Community Development

The Village of Bolingbrook's Community Development Department is situated at 375 W. Briarcliff Road and is comprised of three divisions: Building, Engineering, and Planning & Zoning. This department's primary objective is to facilitate public participation while supporting decision-makers and the public in creating and implementing policies that effectively balance environmental, economic, and social concerns for both present and future generations. Additionally, the department is responsible for providing vital services to residents, such as infrastructure maintenance and reviewing applications for development to ensure compliance with engineering, zoning, and building codes. The department also issues building permits and occupancy certificates.

In summary, the Community Development Department plays a crucial role in maintaining the Village of Bolingbrook's livability and safety. The Building Division ensures that all construction work meets safety and accessibility standards, while the Engineering Division is responsible for designing and maintaining the village's infrastructure. Finally, the Planning & Zoning Division ensures that new developments align with the village's long-term planning goals and zoning regulations. Overall, the department strives to create a sustainable, inclusive community that can thrive for years to come by balancing economic, environmental, and social needs.

Contact Information

  • Community Development
  • maps_home_workMain Office
  • phone(630) 226-8460
  • query_builderMon-Fri 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • place375 W Briarcliff Rd
       Bolingbrook, IL 60440

  • Director Of Community Development
  • personMatt Eastman
  • phone(630) 226-8460