Crime Prevention


The Bolingbrook Police Department Crime Prevention Unit offers numerous programs and services of benefit to the citizens of Bolingbrook. A partial list of programs and services is listed below:

Adult Programs

Neighborhood Watch

The Bolingbrook Police Department Crime Prevention Unit is seeking new areas in which to start a Neighborhood Watch Program. Neighborhood Watch is a cooperative effort within each community, where neighbors agree to watch each other's homes and property. Starting one in your area is simple:...

  • Contact your neighbors and see if they are willing to participate in the program. If 70% of your neighbors agree to participate, you will be eligible to have Neighborhood Watch signs posted on your street to let everyone know that the neighborhood is watching them.
  • Call the Crime Prevention Office and set up a meeting in one of your homes.
  • Learn more about the program at the meeting, as well as some of the steps you can take to make your neighborhood safer.

With the warm weather approaching, the time to get this effective program going is now! If you currently have a Neighborhood Watch Program in your area or if you are a Block Captain, call and set up an appointment for a follow-up meeting or to meet your Crime Prevention Officer. Neighborhood Watch is presented on request of local neighborhood groups. We currently have approximately 100 groups encompassing about 2200 homes. If you have an existing Watch Program in your area and have not met with the Crime Prevention Unit in the past two years, PLEASE call to update your area's program!

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Burglary Prevention

Presented on request to neighborhood groups, civic organizations, church groups etc. Operation Identification - Ongoing program providing engraving kits to residents free of charge that they may utilize to mark their valuables. You must call for availability of our engravers.... Residential and Commercial Security Surveys - Presented on request. A member of the Crime Prevention Unit will come to your home or business and evaluate your need for additional security. This takes anywhere from 30 minutes and up dependent on your particular needs. This is a FREE service! Bad Checks / Counterfeit Currency - Presented on request to any business or bank in Bolingbrook upon their request.

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Club Drugs, Ecstasy, Rave Parties

Our Crime Prevention Unit has spoken at national conventions, and consulted for a popular Chicago talk show on this topic! This is a (2) two-hour program discussing the current trends in drug use in our society. ... Participants will learn many tell-tale signs associated with this type of drug (many signs are very obvious to the casual observer) This is intended for groups only due to the amount of time involved.

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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

A program whereby we work with the Community Development Department in reviewing all new development proposed for the village. New development is reviewed and a written report is generated outlining the recommendations of the police department. ... We also meet formally with developers to discuss recommendations and rectify concerns before the project is forwarded to the plan commission for approval.

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Bank Security

In-service training for bank personnel to acquaint them with sound security procedures and inform them of police department expectations and procedures.

Auto Theft Prevention

Presented on request.

Shoplifting Prevention

Presented to individual businesses on request.

Robbery Prevention

Presented to individual businesses on request.

Workplace Violence

Presented at any business in Bolingbrook on request.

Senior Citizen Safety

Many topics including personal safety, shopping safety, con-artists, etc. are discussed with seniors upon request. This is best done for groups but we will be happy to speak to anyone who has concerns.

Vacation Check Request

This program allows residents to notify the police department that they will be out of town and provides the department with notification information should officers observe a problem at the residence. If you are going out of town, please visit to request a vacation watch on your home.

Kids Programs

These programs are meant primarily for elementary aged children but are generally presented outside of the school setting.


Tours of the police facility are offered on request. This gives us the opportunity to show them the various functions that take place at the police department. Tours are free, take from 30-45 minutes, and typically are offered to groups only.

Scout Programs

An on-request program providing a speaker on a myriad of topics from safety to babysitting to police work as a career. We also will assist scouts in working towards a Crime Prevention Merit Badge.

Latch Key

Presented on a request basis to both children's groups and parents groups. Normally presented in cooperation with scout groups, church groups and other organizations.

Child Safety Days

Presentations usually sponsored by local businesses, the library or civic organizations. The time frame varies, and can include child fingerprinting, interactive talks, videos or other media. This program is designed to teach safety to younger children up through middle school age.

Stranger Danger

Presented on an annual basis to all kindergarten and second grade students upon request of the schools. The program is also presented to day care centers, scout groups, church groups etc. on request.

Bicycle Safety

Presented annually to all third grade students upon request of the schools and on request from other groups.

McGruff the Crime Dog

Appearances when requested at elementary schools to reinforce various safety programs presented throughout the year. Also available upon request to groups, block parties etc. Please understand that due to inclement weather, and hot temperatures (as in most of August), McGruff may not be available.

Safety Patrol

Provides training for elementary school safety patrols when requested by the school.

Officer Friendly

When requested, meet with school, scout or other groups of young children on an informal basis to explain police functions, police methods etc. Also gives children the opportunity to ask questions to give them a better feel for the police.

Vehicle Burglary

One of the more frequent crimes reported to the police department is burglary to a vehicle. Sometimes offenders enter a vehicle through an unlocked door or by breaking a window looking for valuables that are left in plain view. Some of the most popular items stolen are briefcases, cameras, cell phones, global positioning systems (GPS), I-Passes, I-Pods, purses, radar detectors and wallets.

Here are some simple rules that can help deter and protect you from being a victim of this crime:

  • When you park your vehicle at home or away, close your windows and lock doors, even if you’re going to be gone for a short time.
  • Remove and secure all valuables, including garage door openers & electronic accessories (GPS window brackets & power cords).
  • Always park in a well-lit area.
  • If you have a garage, use it! If you have to park your vehicle in your driveway overnight, leave on exterior house lights. Good lighting is one of the most efficient & least expensive means of security.
  • Notify the police department of any suspicious people or activities in your neighborhood.