Fire Department FAQ's

How do I dispose of an old Smoke Detector?

Once the battery is removed, Smoke Detectors can be placed in the regular trash.
Residents can take their used batteries to Batteries Plus Bulbs at:

  • Address: 1231 W Boughton Rd
  • Phone: (630) 945-4925‎

How can I obtain a copy of my ambulance invoice?

Contact Paramedic Billing Services at (630) 530-2988.

Does the Fire Department offer any lifesaving/CPR classes?

The fire department does occasionally offer CPR classes for the general public. For more information, please contact Fire Administration at (630) 226-8540.

How do I rent the Fire Station Community Room?

Fire Administration schedules the use of the fire department community room. Please contact Fire Administration at 630-226-8540 to check availability. Residents are able to reserve the community room for meetings. Fire Station 5 is located at 1900 Rodeo Drive and has a meeting room with tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 50 people.

Why does the fire truck respond to ambulance calls?

Bolingbrook Fire Department ambulances transport to local hospitals. That may mean that an ambulance may not be close to your house when you request our services. The fire truck may be the closest unit and can start lifesaving procedures prior to the arrival of an ambulance from another fire station. All of our fire trucks are equipped with EMT's, capable of basic lifesaving techniques and some of our fire trucks are equipped with paramedics and the capability of performing advanced lifesaving techniques prior to the arrival of an ambulance.

Can I come for a tour of the fire station?

The Bolingbrook Fire Department welcomes tours at any of the fire stations. You can stop by any day during normal business hours. If you need to set up a time, please call the main fire department number to schedule the time and date.

How do I schedule the Fire Department to come to our block party?

Please fill out the Block Party application form and return it to Village Hall. After you receive approval, contact Fire Administration at 630-226-8540 to request the Fire Department at your block party.

Does the Village allow open burning?

Open burning is prohibited except for aged logs in a free standing outdoor fireplace. This is according to Chapter 22, Article IV section 14 (Fire Prevention Code) of the Village of Bolingbrook. To read the outdoor firepit ordinance click here.