Fire Department History

The first fire station to serve our community was built in 1964 on East Briarcliff Road. It was built as Lemont Fire Station 2. The Lemont Fire Protection District provided fire protection to those areas east of what is now Schmidt Road. The Plainfield Fire Protection District provided fire protection west of Schmidt. Briarcliff at that time was a dirt road in the center of what was to be Colonial Village. The land was donated by Dover Construction who built Colonial Village and Westbury, the foundation of what would become the village of Bolingbrook.

As the Village grew and eventually incorporated ( 1965), there was a need for independence and self-determination. Bolingbrook petitioned the court to disconnect from the Lemont Fire Protection District to form a municipal fire department. The Bolingbrook Fire Department was officially formed on July 1, 1971. As part of the agreement with Lemont, we purchased the building, two pumpers, and a four-wheel drive grass fire truck. In the beginning, there were 55 volunteer firefighters of which 35 were Emergency Medical Technicians.  

On February 1, 1972, Terry Droogan was sworn in as the first fulltime fire chief. In June 1972, an addition was built on the fire station to accommodate the new 85 foot aerial tower which was purchased in anticipation of the building of Old Chicago. Most of the construction work was done by the volunteer firefighters. In 1973, the first six fulltime firefighters were hired. They were, George Finkbeiner, John Flynn, George Graff, John Lytle, Tom Novy and Ron Spindel.

The year 1974 brought significant growth for the fire department. During this year, we assembled the largest compliment of Emergency Medical Technicians in the state. We became the first western suburb to offer Paramedic service. Station two was built this year and 12 more firefighters were hired to man it. In 1975 an additional 12 firefighters were hired to man the two stations.

As the village grew, so did the need for service. In 1978, station three was built to handle the explosive growth on the north side of town. Nine more firefighters were hired to man the new fire station. In 1991, station four was built to handle the rapid growth on the west side and 12 firefighters were hired. To meet the growing demand for medical services, additional firefighters have been hired.

October 2002 saw the dedication of Fire Station 5 located at Rodeo and Essington Roads. Station 5 is manned with personnel specially trained in technical rescue. They also provide paramedic service to residents in the southwest area of the village.

As of January 1, 2017, the Bolingbrook Fire department has 86 fulltime, sworn personnel.

The history of the Bolingbrook Fire Department includes a strong dedication to Public Education and Fire Prevention. Bolingbrook was the first fire department in the state to provide a cross trained arson investigation team. We still boast one of the highest arson conviction rates in the state. This dedication to fire prevention and public education has kept our fire loss record something to be proud of.