Board Actions 7.12.22

Agenda Action by the Village Board:

The Village Board meeting of July 12, 2022 included the following actions.  Please visit the Village website at for the complete Village Board meeting notes that will be posted upon approval before the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  You can also view the replay of the meeting on the Village website by clicking on the following link or on The Village of Bolingbrook Facebook page.


Approval of Bills

Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $1,808,064.61.    



Approval of Resolution (22R-043) Approving Proposal/Request for Purchase of Wireless Fire Alarm Radio Boxes from Johnson Controls Security Solutions

Trustees voted to approve this purchase. The Village’s current supply of wireless fire alarm boxes is close to being depleted.  We are ordering twenty more to install in newly constructed buildings.


The cost is recaptured by invoicing building managers per Village ordinance.  The total cost is $25,000.00.


The Public Safety Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Resolution (22R-044) Approving Proposal from Five Star Painting for Exterior Painting of Fire Station Number 5

Trustees voted to approve this proposal.  This Fire Station is located at 1900 Rodeo Drive and was built in 2002.  It has never had the exterior painted.  The paint is peeling off wooden surfaces and in order to extend the life of the wood, the exposed wood needs to be painted and sealed.  The budgeted amount was $35,000.00.  The proposal is $13,026.18 under the budgeted amount.


The Public Safety Committee reviewed and recommended approval.



Approval of Ordinance (22-043) Amending Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “B” (Packaged Liquor) from Twelve (12) to Eleven (11) and Increasing Class “B” (Packaged Liquor) from Eleven (11) to Twelve (12) – Tony’s Fresh Market – (271 S. Bolingbrook Drive)

Trustees voted to approve this ordinance which modifies the inventory of liquor licenses.  Tony’s Fresh Market is under new ownership.  This Ordinance reflects this change.