Board Actions 1.25.22

Agenda Action by the Village Board:

The Village Board meeting of January 25, 2022 included the following actions.  Please visit the Village website at for the complete Village Board meeting notes that will be posted upon approval before the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  You can also view the replay of the meeting on the Village website by clicking on the following link or on The Village of Bolingbrook Facebook page.


Commission Appointments/Reappointments

Commissioners were appointed to the following roles and Commissions.  Residents can apply for Commissions on the Village website to share their skills to serve the Village.

Arts Council Commission

Appointment – Commissioner – Robert Hanerhoff III


Beautification Commission

Appointment – Commissioner – Lola Fashina


Bolingbrook Community Television (BCT) Commission

Appointment – Commissioner – Makita Williams


Historic Preservation Commission

Appointment – Commissioner – Mary Wolak


Information Technology Commission

Appointment – Commissioner – Jay Friedenberg


Swearing In – Fire Department

Firefighter/Paramedic Adam Hass – Badge #7249


Approval of Bills

Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $1,726,933.17.    



Approval of Resolution (22R-006) Approving Proposal from Tactical Athlete Health and Performance Institute, LLC (D/B/A Rebound)

Trustees voted to approve a one year contract that will deliver expedited access to injury recovery to help employees return to work faster than using a traditional treatment model.  This program will cover on duty and off duty injuries and is available to all Village personnel and retirees including family members.


The contract will be paid for through each department’s workers compensation obligations at a total cost of $32,271.00. 


The Finance Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Resolution (22R-007) Approving Purchase of 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe from Advantage Chevrolet

Trustees voted to approve the purchase of a replacement vehicle.  The Village is trading in three (3) vehicles seized in narcotics operations.  This new vehicle will be used in Police Patrol and Administration. The purchase and trade will assist with the Village insurance premiums.


The total cost of the one vehicle is $43,296.24.


The Public Safety Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Resolution (22R-008) Approving Purchase from AHW, LLC a John Deere HPX 4 X 4 Gator with Plow Attachment

Trustees voted to approve the purchase of a replacement vehicle.  The Village’s current Gator is fourteen (14) years old and is in need of replacement due to wear and age. This new Gator will be used by multiple crews in daily operations and to transport material during Village events and snowplowing.


This is a budgeted item. The total cost minus the trade in is $22,900.87.


The Public Services and Development Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Resolution (22R-009) Approving Professional Engineering Services from Robinson Engineering for Phosphorus Discharge Optimization Plans

Trustees voted to approve the proposal for services.  The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requires discharge permits and optimization plans for each of the three (3) Village owned water reclamation facilities. The plans include investigation into influent and effluent reduction measures and to develop a schedule for implementation into reducing phosphorus levels in the effluent.  The three (3) Village facilities are located at 151 Royce Road, 1000 W. Boughton Road, and 2080 Regan Boulevard.


The total cost for the engineering services is $34,800.00.


The Public Services and Development Committee reviewed and recommended approval.



Approval of Plan Commission Report 22.01 and Ordinance (22-008) for Approval of a Special Use Permit for a Planned Development with Variances and Concept Plan, Public Storage Facility, Southwest Corner of Weber Road and West North Frontage Road, Jeff Ratzer, Big Rock Storage Associates, LLC; Applicant


Trustees voted to accept the Plan Commission report and approve a Special Use Permit for a self-storage facility and variances for allowing more than one (1) principal building on a single lot, allow two (2) development signs on one (1) property and to waive the required public improvements, including public sidewalk, street lighting and parkway trees.


The Plan Commission reviewed and recommended Approval.


Approval of Ordinance (22-009) Directing the Sale of Real Estate Owned by the Village (Americana Estates)

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance which sets the prices for the remaining thirty-two (32) lots and estates.  Seven (7) of these lots have current contracts.  There are three (3) lots in Americana Estates that did not have prices set.


Approval of Ordinance (22-010) Approving the Contract Between the Village of Bolingbrook and Flood Brothers Disposal Company for Refuse and Recycling Services (Subject to Attorney Approval)

Trustees voted to approve a new contract for Refuse and Recycling Services.  As the current refuse contract with Groot expires on April 30, 2022, the Village put together an Ad-hoc Solid Waste Committee to determine what services should be provided in the new contract.  Based off the recommendations from the Solid Waste Committee to the Village Board at the April 27, 2021 meeting, the Village issued RFP 22-05 that would include the collection of refuse, recycling, yard waste, and other materials.


Key components of the new contract include:

  1. New contract will allow the rental of toter for refuse or recycling toter directly from the contractor.
  2. Includes refuse, recycling, yard waste, e-waste, and other services.
  3. Additional bulk items can be picked up for an additional charge when arranged in advance with contractor.
  4. Contract runs from May 1, 2022 until April 30, 2029.
  5. Overall no increase in total basic rate to residents for the first year of the contract from the current rate. 


In addition to the collection of refuse and recycling by bag or bin, this RFP included the option to rent a toter directly from the contractor for the use in refuse and recycling collection.  Other items such as the collection of yard waste, the collection of e-waste, and other services were to remain the same as in the current contract.


After receiving and reviewing the proposals, it was determined that a recommendation to the Public Services Committee for a new seven-year contract with Flood Brothers would best serve the needs of the community.  At a special meeting of the Public Service Committee on December 28, 2021, a presentation was made to the Committee and they approved moving forward to the Village Board with a contract with Flood Brothers.


Additionally, the Village is looking at more efficient ways to bill for the collection of refuse and recycling.  The two options being explored include adding it to the water bill or having Flood Brothers do the billing directly.  The final determination will occur as part of the budgeting process, however, whichever alternative is selected the Village will be able to keep the total basic rate for May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023 at or below the current rate.


This contract is being passed subject to approval of the Village Attorney.


The Public Services and Development Committee reviewed and recommended Approval.


Approval of Ordinance (22-011) Amending Division 8 “Cannabis Business Establishments” of Chapter 12: “Businesses” of the Bolingbrook Village Code

Trustees voted to approve amendments to this Ordinance.   Several omissions, misspellings, and grammar errors were in the approved document.  Of note, is ensuring the license applicant is the license holder through the State of Illinois to prevent second-hand licensing or sub-licensing; the opening time was changed from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.; advertising on the community digital boards is prohibited; and on-premises consumption is prohibited in this amended version.  


Approval of Ordinance (22-012) Amending Chapter 6 “Alcoholic Beverages” of the Bolingbrook Village Code to Establish a Temporary Special Event Liquor License in the Village of Bolingbrook

Trustees voted to approve a modification to available liquor licenses.  This ordinance establishes a limited, special liquor license for “Class D” or “D-2” licensees where they are able to apply for a 6-hour, Special Event liquor license enabling the licensee to host a limited, Special Event with live entertainment.  The Ordinance gives the Local Liquor Commissioner the authority and discretion over issuing Special Event liquor licenses and limits the number of Special Event licenses to 12 licenses per licensee per calendar year. The fee for each special event liquor license is $50.00 per event.


Approval of Ordinance (22-013) Amending Fees, Charges, and Other Regulatory Measures (Fee Schedule)

Trustees voted to amend the Village’s Fee Schedule to include the D-3 Temporary Special Event Liquor License fee of $50.00 and the Cannabis Business License Fees. These Licenses have been created by separate ordinances.


Approval of Ordinance (22-014) Amending Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “D-2” (Full-Service) from Nineteen (19) to Eighteen (18) and Class “D-1” (Outdoor) from Twenty-One (21) to Twenty (20) – Mora Asian Kitchen – 627 E. Boughton Rd. Suite 115

Trustees voted to approve a reduction of available liquor licenses.  Mora Asian Kitchen has closed its’ business.  This Ordinance therefore decreases the “D-2” ad “D-1” licenses to reflect the closure.