Board Actions 08.11.20

Agenda Action by the Village Board:


The Village Board meeting of August 11, 2020 included the following actions:


Approval of a Resolution (20R-024) Commendation and Appreciation to the Honorable Roger C. Claar for his Exemplary Service as Mayor of the Village of Bolingbrook for the Past Thirty-Four Years and Creation of the Honorary Position of Mayor Emeritus


Trustees voted to approve a resolution which commemorates and sets forth the Village’s appreciation of Mayor Roger C. Claar’s years of dedicated service to the Village.  The Resolution creates the “honorary position” of Mayor Emeritus which recognizes and pays tribute to his distinguished career.

The ceremony position is unpaid and allows for former Mayor Claar to be a “good will” ambassador for the Village.


Appointment of people to fill required roles in the Village


Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA) Hearing Officer – James Roche

The Village adopted a Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA) Ordinance (17-045).  When a police or fire employee is injured “in the line of duty” and have been awarded a duty related pension, the disabled employee has a right to apply for Village-provided Health Insurance.  The premiums are paid by the Village. 


In order to obtain the benefit, a hearing needs to be held to determine whether the applicant qualifies.  Odelson, Sterk, Murphey, Frazier, McGrath, Ltd. represents the Village so an independent attorney had to be appointed the Hearing Officer.


Village of Bolingbrook Building Commissioner – Steven F. Touloumis

The prior Building Commissioner retired recently.  This appointment fills that vacancy. 


Approval of Bills


Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $700,362.44.


Approval to Ratify and Approve a Real Estate Sales Contract for Lot 25 in Americana Estates


Trustees voted to ratify the sale of Lot 25 in Americana Estates.  This contract is a “full price” offer of $125,000.00.  Mayor Claar had previously signed the contract.  The Board is concurring with the sale.  The closing date is August 14, 2020.


Approval of Resolution (20R-025) Designating Financial Institution Signatories  


Trustees voted to adjust and modify authorized signatories on various Village bank accounts deleting Roger C. Claar and adding Mary Alexander-Basta as an authorized signatory and representative of the Village of Bolingbrook.

It further deletes Leroy Brown and adds Trustee/Deputy Mayor Michael Lawler as an alternate signatory.


Approval of Resolution (20R-026) Approving Bolingbrook Clow International Airport Apron Replacement


Trustees voted to concur with Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) award of a contract to the low bidder for the runway “apron” repaving projects at Bolingbrook’s Clow International Airport.  IDOT bid the project and the low bidder was K-5 Construction in the amount of $426,558.84.

The Resolution also approves an engineering consultant agreement with Knight Engineering for the project.  Knight Engineering is the Village’s “consultant of record” for airport projects (18R-001).  The engineering cost is $59,088.27.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) projects are matching grants that are 90% Federal, 5% State (IDOT) and 5% locally funded.  The Village’s share of the project cost is $24,282.36.


The Public Services Committee reviewed and recommended approval. 


Approval of several ordinances affecting the sale of alcoholic beverages in Bolingbrook


Ordinance (20-044) Establishing a New Class “C-9” Liquor License


Trustees voted to approve creation of a new Class “C-9” liquor license category which will allow for the sale of beer and wine in conjunction with the sale of potting plants.  The hours that liquor would be available would be from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.  The annual cost of the license is $3,000.00, which is in line with other specialized license categories.


Ordinance (20-045) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code and Increasing Class “C-9” (Beer & Wine) from Zero (0) to One (1) – The Sacred Succulent – 639 E. Boughton Road Suite 160


Trustees voted to approve a “C-9” Liquor License to Cody Stice D/B/A/ Sacred Succulent plant store which opened in early July at the Promenade.  A “beer and wine” liquor license was requested to allow alcohol service to customers on the premises.  Packaged food or prepared food brought in by local restaurants will be available.


This Ordinance increase the number of the newly created “C-9” liquor licenses from 0 to 1 to accommodate the business owners request.


Ordinance (20-046) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “D-1” (Outdoor) from Twenty-Six (26) to Twenty-Five (25) and Class “D-2” (Full Service) from Twenty-One (21) to Twenty (20) – Famous Dave’s


Trustees voted to approve a reduction in the quantity of “D-1” and “D-2” Liquor licenses due to the closure of Famous Dave’s restaurant.


Restaurants have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Famous Dave’s chain of barbeque restaurants has closed a number of locations including their Janes Avenue location.


Ordinance (20-047) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code and Increasing Class “C-8” (Beer & Wine) from Three (3) to Four (4) – BC Bolingbrook LLC D/B/A Bonchon – 635 E. Boughton Road Suite 150


Trustees voted to increase the Class “C-8” liquor licenses from 3 to 4.


BC Bolingbrook LLC, D/B/A Bonchon restaurant is opening in the Promenade in mid-August.  The restaurant will serve Korean and Asian infused dishes.  They requested a Class “C-8” liquor license (beer and wine).