Board Actions 12.17.19

The Village Board meeting of December 17, 2019 opened with a special performance by the Madrigal Singers from Bolingbrook High School.


Residents were then presented Spirit of Halloween awards by the Mayor and members of the Beautification Commission for their efforts in decorating their homes for Halloween.  The Beautification Commission members traveled throughout the town to identify homes participating in this effort.  The Commission conducts a similar effort for Christmas decorations.           


The Village Board approved payment of bills in the amount of $3,627,903.82.


The Village Board approved the following Motion:

Motion to Allow Mayor and Director of Public Services to Enter Into a Contract for Gas Supply to provide natural gas to Village buildings.  Since rates fluctuate daily, it is not possible to select a supplier in advance.  This is the same type of request that was done with electric suppliers.  NiCor will remain the local gas distributor.  Quotes will be obtained and the lowest fixed rate supplier will be selected.


The Village Board approved the following Resolutions:

Resolution (19R-062) of Support for the Village of Bolingbrook to Reclassify Kings Road as a Federal Collector Route, which focuses on a new section of Kings Road from Hassert Boulevard to Rodeo Drive.  This road classification allows the Village to access state and federal grants.  Kings Road north of Hassert Boulevard is already designated a major collector.


The Village Board approved the following Ordinances:

Ordinance (19-092) abates Taxes Heretofore Levied to Pay Interest and Principal on $35,795,000 Special Areas Numbers 2001-1, 2001-2, 2001-3 and 2002-1 Special Taxes Refunding Bonds, Series 2018.  This Ordinance abates $1,338,292.09 principal and interest on $35,795,000.00 of 2018 Special Service Area bonds.  After the abatement, the remaining levy is $3,270,394.71.  This residential Special Service Area covers portions of Bloomfield West, Southgate, Lakewood Ridge and Augusta Village.  The funds for the abatement come from homes that have prepaid their SSA obligation.  Upon passage, the abatement Ordinance will be filed with Will County.


Ordinance (19-093) amends Chapters 2, 13 and 19 of the Municipal Code Regarding Administration of the Executive Department (For Discussion).  This ordinance is being introduced at this meeting but discussion will be continued to at least one more meeting, if not two, to ensure any questions are answered.  The Board will then be asked to vote on this ordinance.


This Ordinance would convert the Office of the Mayor from a full-time to a part-time position.  The change would be effective with the Consolidated Election in April of 2021.  The salary for part-time Mayor would be $35,000.00 a year and would include the duties of Alcohol and Tobacco Commissioner.  The Trustee and Clerk salaries would remain the same.  Trustee salary would be $16,625.00 and the Clerk salary would be $23,969.00.  All salaries would be adjustable annually based on the consumer price index (CPI).


Note:  Terms and conditions of office cannot be changed during the current term of office and changes must be approved at least one hundred-eighty days (180) prior to an election.


The following two ordinances deal with Village compliance with the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, to comply with the Recreational Marijuana Statute approved by the State effective January 1, 2020.

Ordinance (19-094) amends Chapter 19 regarding Public Safety, Morals, and Welfare of the Municipal Code of the Village of Bolingbrook.  The ordinance decriminalizes the use and possession of cannabis, sets possession limits, revises the fine schedule for violations and amends the list of drug related paraphernalia.  The Public Safety Committee has reviewed and recommends approval.


Ordinance (19-095) amends the Personnel Manual of the Village, specifically sections of the Village’s manual dealing with hiring procedures, drug free workplace and job postings requirements are being amended to comply with the Statute.


The following two ordinances deal with the same business and license type.

Ordinance (19-096) amends Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “D-6” (Off Track Betting facility) from One (1) to Zero (0) for McQ’s, located at 730 N. Bolingbrook Drive.  The off- track betting facility located in McQ’s has vacated their space and, therefore, the license is eliminated to reflect the closing of the business.


Ordinance (19-097) amends Certain Provisions of Chapter 13 of the Village of Bolingbrook Municipal Code Regarding Elimination of the OTB Liquor License, specifically Chapter 13 Sections 13-206, 13-207 and 13-307 of the Municipal Code to delete the “D-6” (OTB) liquor classification license.  There are no other licenses in this category.


Ordinance (19-098) amends Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Increasing Class “D-2” from Nineteen (19) to Twenty (20) and Increasing Class “D-1” from Twenty-Four (24) to Twenty-Five (25) – Danny’s Pizza & Burger Bar II (639 E. Boughton Rd #105), which is opening in the Promenade (Unit 105 next to Rock Bottom) in early January.  The restaurant has requested a “D-2” (full service) and “D-1” (outdoor café) liquor license and this ordinance accommodates this request.


Ordinance (19-099) amends Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “C” from Ten (10) to Nine (9) Family Square – 372 S. Bolingbrook Drive for Family Square Restaurant, which has decided not to renew their liquor license.  The restaurant recently changed its hours of operation to close at 3pm, resulting in their decision that they no longer need the liquor license.