Board Actions 3.22.22

Agenda Action by the Village Board:

The Village Board meeting of March 22, 2022 included the following actions.  Please visit the Village website at for the complete Village Board meeting notes that will be posted upon approval before the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  You can also view the replay of the meeting on the Village website by clicking on the following link or on The Village of Bolingbrook Facebook page.


Mayor Alexander-Basta was meeting with State Legislators in Springfield and could not attend the meeting.  Deputy Mayor Lawler chaired the Village Board meeting in her absence. 


Commission Appointments/Reappointments

Commissioners were appointed to the following roles and Commissions.  Residents can apply for Commissions on the Village website to share their skills to serve the Village.

Beautification Commission

Appointment – Ann Burkiewicz – Commissioner


Information Technology Commission

Appointment – Ryan Schultz – Commissioner

Ryan Schultz replaces Elden Lafoon, an original member of the Commission.  Deputy Mayor Lawler thanked Mr. Lafoon for his service to the Village.



The Deputy Mayor acknowledged the Bolingbrook High School Raiders Boys Basketball team for their Fourth Place finish in the IHSA Final Four State Championship.



Ability Awareness Week

Educators and students from the Secondary Transition and Experience Program (STEP) in Valley View schools were present to receive the proclamation encouraging awareness, inclusion, and support of all those with disabilities in all facets of life throughout Bolingbrook.  The group has been visiting several companies and organizations during the month of March to promote their message of inclusion.


Approval of Bills

Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $1,463,446.65.    



Motion to Approve Emergency Purchase from Eastland Industries

 One (1) Browning Shaft Mount Gear Reducer

Trustees voted to approve the emergency purchase of replacement equipment.  The gear reducer generates oxygen to allow for good bacteria to thrive and aides in odor control.  This purchase will replace the existing unit at Treatment Facility Plant #3 on Reagan Boulevard which broke down. 


The Public Services and Development Committee reviewed and recommended approval.



Approval of Resolution (22R-017) Approving Proposal from Robinson Engineering for Professional Engineering Services Related to Lift Stations 2, 3, 4 and 5

Trustees voted to approve the proposal for professional services.  These Village lift stations have exceeded their useful life and this proposal will allow Robinson Engineering to assess structure needs for cost effectiveness to either rehabilitate or replace.  The cost is $23,800.00 and Robinson Engineering will provide services related to project initiation and organizational meeting, site investigations to verify existing conditions, conducting consolidation and feasibility analysis to extend gravity sewer needed to consolidate lift stations, the preparation of an evaluation report, and a review meeting.  


The Public Services and Development Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Resolution (22R-018) Approving Landscaping Maintenance with Various Vendors for Fiscal Years 2023-2025

Trustees voted to approve the Village’s agreements with various vendors. The three-year agreement holds prices at fiscal year 2023 levels. The work includes landscape maintenance, grass cutting, seasonal planting, mulch and weed control at Town Center, Treatment Plants, Lift Stations, medians and parkways, Meyer Park, Village ponds, Public Works Building, and Fire Stations.


The Public Services and Development Committee reviewed and recommended approval.



Acceptance of Plan Commission Report PC 22.03 and Approval of Ordinance (22-019) Approving Special Use Permit for a Commercial Recreation Facility with Extended Hours of Operation – (Score 18 Indoor Golf) - 501 S. Weber Road, Units 109, 110 and 111, Rich Curran, MacNeil Real Estate; Applicant

Trustees voted to accept the Plan Commission report and approve the accompanying Ordinance.  The applicant is requesting a Special Use Permit to allow an indoor golf simulator, commonly known as Score 18 Indoor Golf, in order to allow customers to practice their golf swing using virtual reality simulators.  The simulators allow customers to play on over 150,000 virtual golf courses. Four players can play at a time on each of the proposed eight simulators.


The “Fall and Winter” hours of operation would be Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  The “Summer” hours would be by reservation, starting April 1st and running through October 1st. 


Approval of Ordinance (22-020) Ordinance Amending Chapter 42 “Solid Waste” of the Bolingbrook Village Code to Regulate the Storage, Placement, and Collection of Receptacles of Residential Waste in the Village of Bolingbrook

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance which modifies existing regulations governing the storage, placement, and collection of waste receptacles in order to allow for the approved toters that residents may rent in light of the new garbage contract recently approved.


The Ordinance clarifies the Village’s zero-tolerance position on storage and placement of the toters or any other garbage. Toters may not be stored in view of any public right-of-way except when allowed to be placed at the curb for pickup. The code amendment also provides for a system of enforcement and issuance of tickets wherein the fine amounts can increase with every subsequent ticket issued.


The Ordinance further clarifies that no containers may remain on the curb or not otherwise properly stored after 7:00 p.m. on the scheduled day for pickup.


Residents were notified to pre-order their toters from Flood Brothers if they wanted them provided for May 1, 2022 services.  Residents will be able to order toters from Flood Brothers on an ongoing basis.


The other services offered in existing contract including recycling, yard waste, bulk item pickup, electronics recycling, etc. remain the same.  This ordinance is applicable to use of toters and to clarify enforcement of the ordinance moving forward.


Approval of Ordinance (22-021) Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code Increasing Class “D-5” from Zero (0) to One (1) – Star Cinema Grill (619 E. Boughton Rd, Suite 200)

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance which modifies existing inventory of “D-5” Liquor licenses.  SCG – Bolingbrook Inc. will be opening Star Cinema Grill mid-April in The Promenade in the location formerly operated by iPic. The owner is requesting a theater entertainment liquor license.  This Ordinance increases the Class “D-5” license to accommodate this new business.