Board Actions 2.9.21

Agenda Action by the Village Board:


The Village Board meeting of February 9, 2021 included the following actions.  Please visit the Village website at for the complete Village Board meeting notes that will be posted upon approval before the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  You can also view the replay of the meeting on the Village website by clicking on the following link or on The Village of Bolingbrook Facebook page.


One new Commissioner was appointed to the following role and Commission.  Residents can apply for these Commissions on the Village website to share their skills to serve the Village.

Arts Council Commission

New Appointment – Qyjon Clark


The Fire Department promoted two employees and swore-in four new Firefighter/Paramedics.  The employees previously took the Oath and began working but this is the first opportunity for their families and friends to attend the ceremony due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Lieutenant Brian Gaston to Fire Marshall

Firefighter/Paramedic Christina Lynch to Lieutenant

New Firefighter/Paramedics:

Kyle Matthews

Dylan Schroeder

Christian Abarca

Jeremy Merino 


Approval of Bills

Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $1,979,509.52. 



Approval of Resolution (21R-007) Approving the Purchase of Graykey Cellphone Data Extraction Software from Grayshift, LLC

Trustees voted to approve the purchase of cellphone data extraction software from Grayshift, LLC.  This software will allow the police department to recover data such as pertinent deleted or encrypted messages required in the investigation of a crime without a time constraint or loss in chain of custody.


This is a budgeted item for the 2020-2021 budget year and is an annual fee.  The cost is $18,000.00.


The Public Safety Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Resolution (21R-008) Approving Emergency Purchase of Three Carrier Ductless Splits with Low Ambient Controls from Amber  Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for Replacement of Mitsubishi VRF System  

Trustees voted to authorize the emergency purchase of three (3) new Carrier 3 ton roof mounted condensers and three (3) Carrier 3 ton cassette style indoor units for the Town Center Server Room.  The new units are needed to replace the existing Mitsubishi VRF system to properly maintain certain temperatures in the Information Technology Server room in order to cool the servers.


The purchase is from Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. in the amount of $26,456.00. The purchase comes from the Building Maintenance Budget.


The Public Services Committee reviewed and recommended approval.



Approval of Ordinance (21-007) An Ordinance of the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois Imposing a Temporary Moratorium on the Issuance of Licenses for Pet Retailers

Trustees voted to authorize a temporary six (6)-month moratorium on the issuance of business licenses for new pet retailers.  The moratorium will expire August 9, 2021.  This does not affect current pet retail businesses in the Village nor does it affect animal hospitals, animal shelters or retain pet supply stores offering pet supplies and other items ancillary to the ownership of dogs, cats and other domesticated animals.


The purpose of the Ordinance is to allow Village staff time to undertake a thorough investigation of the feasibility and necessity of imposing additional licensing or zoning restrictions, in addition to researching the options for regulating the sale of mammals as the surrounding communities have ordinances with varying degrees of regulations and zoning.