Board Actions 01.14.20

The Village Board meeting of January 14, 2020 offered a variety of business for the Village. 



A Proclamation acknowledging Martin Luther King Jr. Day was accepted by Bolingbrook resident Shafer Suggs, who recounted an experience from his youth when he was able to see Dr. King arriving at an event at the University of Notre Dame and the impact Dr. King had on his life.


Agenda Action by the Village Board:


Trustees voted to approve for payment of Bills submitted to the Village in the amount of $10,882,883.02. 


A Public Hearing was held regarding the Paul L. Clarkson Annexation and Rezoning.  A Public Hearing must be held before Village Board action can be taken on an Annexation.  Paul Clarkson owns ±10.479 acres of property at the northeast corner of Reagan Boulevard (127th Street) and Naperville/Plainfield Road.  The ±9.479 acres were previously annexed.  There is ±1 acre that was not annexed.  Mr. Clarkson has submitted a Petition to annex the remaining ±1 acre.  He would then like to rezone the ±10.479 acres to R-5 single family.


Approval of a Motion to Designate Specific Future Revenue Streams and Funds for Debt Service Payments

Trustees approved a Motion to adopt a Debt Payment Policy for the Village.  While reviewing the Village’s credit rating for the last bond issue, Standard and Poor suggested that the Village adopt a debt payment policy.  A Board policy is non-binding and may be amended or changed by future Boards.  The proposed policy articulates the revenue streams available to use to pay down general obligation debt in the future.  These sources of funding have been discussed by the Mayor in the past.  This Motion adopts the debt payment policy.


Approval of Resolution (20R-001) Approving the Execution of a Management Agreement between Clow International Airport, LLC and the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois (Subject to Attorney Approval)

Trustees voted to approve this Resolution which renews the airport management agreement with Joe DePaulo.  The term is for three (3) years from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023.  The monthly management fee is $12,458.00 ($149,496.00 a year).  This is the current fee so there is no increase.  There is a mutual termination clause with fifty (50) day notice.  All other terms and conditions remain the same.


Approval of Resolution (20R-002) Approving the Execution of an Office Lease Between Clow International Airport, LLC and the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois (Subject to Attorney Approval)

Trustees voted to approve this Resolution which executes a lease of space at Clow International Airport.  Mr. DePaulo rents office space at the airport.  The rent is $1,200.00 a month ($14,400.00 a year).  This amount is the same amount as he is currently paying.  The lease runs concurrent with the management agreement.  This Resolution approves the lease.


Approval of Plan Commission Report (PC) 19.38

Trustees voted to approve the Plan Commission report which documents information from the Plan Commission meeting defining a Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, Section 4-202(A) and (B) and Section 4-203(A) and B Permitted and Special Uses in the B-2 and B-3 Zoning Districts, Village of Bolingbrook; Applicant.


Approval of Ordinance (20-001) Approving Text Amendment to the Village of Bolingbrook Zoning Ordinance Regarding Permitted and Special Uses in B-2 and B-3 Zoning Districts

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance for a text amendment to the zoning chapters of the Municipal Code.  It has become clear that the retail environment has changed with the consumers’ use of the internet for purchases and the use of websites like Amazon, Wayfair, etc.  The Village has been seeing more service oriented businesses wanting to locate in traditional business and commercial centers.  The current code requires that non-sales tax generating businesses must secure a Special Use Permit to locate in B-2 and B-3 zoned districts.  This process costs potential users time and money to go through the Plan Commission and Village Board.


The proposed text amendment would take a number of small service businesses like hair and nail salons, offices (medical insurance and professional) and make them permitted uses.  This means the applicant would be subject to a staff review only.  The staff is also suggesting some minor “housekeeping” Code clarifications.  The Plan Commission has reviewed and recommends approval.


Approval of Ordinance (20-002) Approving Annexation Agreement with Paul Clarkson (Subject to Village Attorney Approval)

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance for an annexation agreement for the ±1 acre.  The agreement provides that the property is to be rezoned to R-5 (Estate Residence District), all school and park district donations will be complied with at the time of development, Building Codes in affect at the time of application will be complied with, the Developer will pay for E-911 and emergency siren fees at the time of final plat approval, and the owner will pay for all costs associated with the annexation.  The remaining terms are standard and required by the Village of Bolingbrook in all annexation agreements.


Approval of Ordinance (20-003) Annexing Certain Territory to the Village for Paul Clarkson Consisting of ±1 Acre (Subject to Public Services Director Approval)

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance which annexes the ±1 acre described in the Public Hearing and previous Ordinance and bring the property within the Village’s corporate boundaries.


Approval of Plan Commission Report (PC) 19.37 Approval of Rezoning from E-R Estate Residence to R-5 Single Family Residence, Clarkson Property, NEC  127th Street and Naperville Road, John Argoudelis, Attorney; Applicant

Trustees voted to approve the Plan Commission report which documents information from the Plan Commission meeting defining action requested for the Clarkson property.


Approval of Ordinance (20-004) Approving Rezoning for Property Commonly Known as the Clarkson Property

Trustees voted to approve this Ordinance which completes the requested action on the prior two ordinances.  Mr. Clarkson annexed ±9.479 acres in the Village in 2002 (Ordinance 02-025) as part of the River Hills Subdivision.  The prior two Ordinances annexed ±1 acre of property adjacent to the previously annexed property.  All of the property is currently zoned ER (Estate Residential) but the annexation agreement for the ±9.479 acres would have allowed for B-2 commercial zoning.  The Petitioner would like to rezone all ±10.479 acres to R-5 single family which allows a density of up to seven units per acre.  A few River Hill residents testified at the Plan Commission public hearing.  The Plan Commission recommends approval.


Approval of Ordinance (20-005) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Increasing Class “D-1” from Twenty-Five (25) to Twenty-Six (26) Bulldog Ale House (157 S. Weber Road)

Trustees voted to approve an amendment to the “D-1” Liquor License.  Bulldog Ale House is located at 157 S. Weber Road.  The business currently holds a Class “D-2” (full service) liquor license.  The have applied for a Class “D-1” (outdoor patio) license.  This Ordinance increase the number of authorized Class “D-1” liquor licenses from twenty-five to twenty-six to accommodate the request. 


Approval of Ordinance (19-093) Amending Chapters 2, 13 and 19 of the Municipal Code Regarding Administration of the Executive Department (For Second Discussion)  This is the second discussion modifying the Municipal Code for the Executive Department defining a Part Time Salary for the Mayor, among other changes.