Board Actions 02.11.20

The Village Board meeting of February 11, 2020 began with new appointments of residents to Commissions.  A few motions were approved, one ordinance was approved, and the third session of discussion on the change to the Executive Administration occurred.


Two residents were appointed to the following roles and Commissions.  Residents can apply for these Commissions on the Village website to share their skills to serve the Village.   

Beautification Commission – Jeanne Thompson to Commissioner

Bolingbrook Community Television – Florence Kolecyck-Yap


The Village Board approved payment of bills in the amount of $2,823,155.86.       


The Village Board approved the following Motions:

Proposal from Chastain & Associates, LLC for Preliminary and Final Design Services for Reconstruction of the Canterbury Lane Culvert Over Lily Cache Creek.  This motion approves a final balancing Change Order for the 2019-2020 MFT sidewalk program and services to repair the culvert which is in poor condition and needs replacement.  The cost is not to exceed $64,213.20.  The Village will be requesting that IDOT pay for 80% of the project cost.


Appoint the Firm of Rosenthal, Murphey, Coblentz and Donahue as Hearing Officer for a Pending PSEBA Case.  This motion appoints the firm appoints the firm of Rosenthal, Murphey, Coblentz and Donahue to serve as Hearing Officer.  Pursuant to the Village’s Public Safety Employee Benefit Act (PSEBA) Ordinance (17-045), a hearing is required before the Village will provide health insurance benefits to a disabled public safety employee.


Recently, a Bolingbrook Firefighter was granted a duty related disability pension and is seeking health insurance continuation benefits.  The Village is represented by Odelson & Sterk, Ltd.  An independent hearing officer (licensed attorney) needs to be appointed.


Move Start Time on the Village Board Meeting of February 25, 2020 from 8:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. for the “Spirit of Christmas” Awards.  This motion changes the start time of the meeting.  The Beautification Commission will be presenting awards to residents that did exceptional work on decorating their homes during the Christmas season.  The next Village Board meeting on February 25, 2020 will begin at 7:30 p.m. to present the residents with a “Spirit of Christmas” plaque.


The Village Board approved one Ordinance and continued discussion on a second:

Ordinance (20-006) Approving Plat of Easement for Stormwater Detention in Greene Road Logistics Project.  Elmhurst-Chicago Stone Company is going to be providing outdoor storage on a portion of their property off of Royce and Greene Roads.  They would like to convey the stormwater from their Greene Road Logistics site to one of the adjacent quarries.  This Ordinance approves a Plat of Easement for Stormwater Detention.  It provides a “blanket” easement for 15.32 acre feet of detention on the entire site.  This will give Elmhurst-Chicago Stone the flexibility to provide the detention anywhere on their property while ensuring that the required detention will be provided.


Ordinance (19-093) Amending Chapters 2, 13 and 19 of the Municipal Code Regarding Administration of the Executive Department (For Discussion Only).  This is the third reading of the Ordinance which would convert the Office of the Mayor from a full-time to a part-time position.  The change would be effective with the Consolidated Election in April of 2021.  The salary for part-time Mayor would be $35,000.00 a year and would include the duties of Alcohol and Tobacco Commissioner.  The Trustee and Clerk salaries would remain the same.  The Trustee salary would be $16,625.00 and the Clerk salary would be $23,969.00.  All salaries would be adjustable annually based on the consumer price index (CPI).


Note:  Terms and conditions of office cannot be changed during the current term of office and changes must be approved at least one hundred-eighty days (180) prior to an election.