Board Actions 11.26.19

The Village Board meeting of November 26, 2019 included a special recognition of Village Attorney Jim Boan who is attending his final meeting following 22 years of service to the Village.  Mr. Boan has a long career of public service in the area.  He served as Executive Director of the Bolingbrook Park District and, upon a move to Kendall County, he was elected to the County Board and as the County Executive.  Appreciation was expressed by all for his guidance and counsel throughout the years.  Mr. Boan will be available on a part time basis to provide information on issues that are in progress.


A Proclamation was presented to representatives of American Legion Post 1288 acknowledging the Gifts to Yanks Who Gave- Hospitalized Veterans Tag Days program which raises funds to provide Christmas gifts to area veterans. 


The Village Board approved payment of bills in the amount of $2,088,146.31.


The Village Board approved the following Motion:

To Continue Ordinance (19-068) Authorizing Notice of Contemplated Involuntary Annexation of Certain Unincorporated Territory (Ed James Annexation) to the December 17, 2019 Board meeting.  The Circuit Court in Will County put a “stay” on proceeding with this Ordinance.  That decision has been appealed.  Before continuing with consideration of the Ordinance, the Village is waiting for a ruling from the Third District Appellate Court.



Resolution (19R-059) Approving Proposal for Renewal of Workers’ Compensation Insurance with Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT).  The Village is self-insured for the first $100,000.00 of each claim after which, the ICRMT “umbrella” kicks in.


This year’s premium is increasing by 10.3%.  $1,024,716.00 to $1,130,496.00 based on claim loss experience.  The budgeted amount is $2,114,941.00.  The difference between the premium and the budget is funds used to cover self-insured retainage (SIR).  The Finance Committee has reviewed and recommends acceptance.


The Village Board approved the following Resolutions:

Resolution (19R-060) Approving Proposals from Alliant/Mesirow Insurance Services for Renewal of Insurance and Administrative Contracts.  This Resolution accepts a renewal proposal from Blue Cross/Blue Shield for the Village’s Employee Group Health and Life benefits. The Village is self-insured (SIR) for the first $90,000.00 per claim.  All current policies expire on December 31, 2019.


The total fixed annual Health Insurance cost is $1,201,492.68 which is a 1.1% reduction from the current cost. The annual anticipated claim liability is $7,657,988.40 which includes the SIR.  This would be a 1.5% reduction over the current year.


The annual fixed cost of the Dental Program is $19,785.60 and the expected annual claim liability including the SIR is $388,152.00 which would be a 1.3% increase.


Fort Dearborn Life will continue to provide life, disability and accidental death and disability insurance coverages.  The annual estimated premium is $97,625.91 which is a 3.9% increase over the current year.


Total anticipated cost of the employee benefit program is $9,280,044.59.  The Finance Committee has reviewed and recommends acceptance.


Resolution (19R-061) Approving Purchase of Three (3) Replacement Trucks from Currie Motors Under the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative.  The Cooperative is comprised of several local government agencies who compile all of their annual needs and then request bid from providers.  This process gets a better price on vehicles through the larger quantity than if each agency went to bid on their own.


Approval was provided for the purchase of three (3) replacement trucks from Currie Motors through the Suburban Purchasing Cooperative.  All three (3) vehicles are 2020 Ford F-250XL, 4 X 2 pickup trucks.  The base cost for each vehicle is $29,731.00.  One (1) unit will have a snow plow package added for $5,914.00.  Total cost is $65,376.00 which is $17,690.00 under the budgeted amount of $83,066.00.  The Public Services Committee has reviewed and recommends approval.


The Village Board approved the following Plan Commission reports and Ordinances:

Plan Commission (PC) report 19.35 for Approval of a of a Special Use Permit for a Planned Development, Spectrum Nurses Training, 354 N. Schmidt Road, Berko Owusu; Applicant


Ordinance (19-088) Approving Special Use Permit for a Planned Development (Spectrum Nurses Training) – 354 N. Schmidt Road.  This is a Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, Article 4, Part 5:  UD – Utility District, Village of Bolingbrook; Applicant.  Berko Owusu is seeking approval for a Special Use Permit to allow a professional office in 1,200 sq. ft. of tenant space at 354 N. Schmidt Road.  The business would offer training to become a certified nursing assistant.  The space is located in the Riverwoods Plaza which is zoned B-2 Community Retail.  Non-sales tax generating businesses are required to obtain a SUP to operate in business zoned districts.  The Plan Commission reviewed and recommended approval.


PC.19.36 Approval of a Special Use Permit for Commercial Recreation Facility, The Krav Gym, 485 W. Boughton Road, Michael Jozwiak; Applicant


Ordinance (19-089) Approving Special Use Permit (SUP) for a Planned Development for a Commercial Recreation Facility (The Krav Gym) – 485 W. Boughton Road.  Michael Jozwiak, D/B/A The Krav Gym, is seeking approval of a Special Use Permit to open a fitness center in 4,000 sq. ft. of tenant space at 485 W. Boughton Road (Riverwood Plaza).  The retail center is zoned B-2 Community Retail. To locate a non-sales tax business in business zoned districts requires a SUP.  The Plan Commission reviewed and recommended approval.


Ordinance (19-090) Levying Taxes for Corporate Purposes of the Village of Bolingbrook for the Current Fiscal Year Commencing on May 1, 2019 and Ending on April 30, 2020.  This Ordinance approves the Village’s 2019 Property Tax Levy.  The proposed levy maintains the same tax rate as the 2018 levy.  The total levy is $21,626,048.00.


The property tax levy only covers public safety, pensions and debt service.  The proposed levy will not cover the actual costs of these two items.  The Village will use $1,590,282.00 of existing fund balance (surplus) to pay the full cost.


This levy will be a 4.2% increase from 2018 which will allow the Village to “pick up” taxes from new construction.  The average home ($212,535.00 estimate) will pay the Village $664.69 for the year.  The levy increase is under 5% so no truth in taxation public hearing is required.


Ordinance (19-091) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code and Decreasing Class “B-1” (Retail Establishment that Contains a Licensed Pharmacy) from Two (2) to One (1) – Walgreens #09919.  Walgreens, at the corner of Whitewater Drive and Boughton Road, has closed.  This Ordinance reduces the number of Class “B-1” liquor licenses from two (2) to one (1).