Board Actions 12.15.20

Agenda Action by the Village Board:


The Village Board meeting of December 15, 2020 included the following actions.  Please visit the Village website at for the complete Village Board meeting notes that will be posted upon approval before the next regularly scheduled board meeting.  You can also view the replay of the meeting on the Village website by clicking on the following link or on The Village of Bolingbrook Facebook page.


The meeting was opened with a special Virtual performance of the Bolingbrook High School Madrigals Choir singing Holiday Carols


A presentation was made by the Exchange Club of North Will County for Village of Bolingbrook People of the Year Awards honoring Public Service Employees Firefighter/Paramedic Daniel Kerkstra and Police Officer Kristofer Schrubbe.


Approval of Bills

Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $3,074,606.76.



Approval of Motion to Accept the 2019-2020 Annual Financial Statement (Audit) Performed by BKD, LLP


Trustees voted to accept the Village’s Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Audit, which was prepared by BKD.  Total assets of the Village are $603,428,198.  The Village’s General Fund balance increased by $11,930,812 from $70,066,085 to $81,996,897.  Operating income for Clow Airport before depreciation was $40,500.  Operating income before depreciation in the Westside Regional Stormwater Fund (Golf Course, Americana Estates, and Stormwater) was $1,580,584.


The audit will be submitted to the State of Illinois and placed on the Village website.  The Finance Committee reviewed and recommended acceptance.



Approval of Resolution (20R-046) Authorizing Emergency Purchase of a Gear Box and Bushing for Disc Aerator at STP #3 from Motion Industries


Trustees voted to authorize the emergency purchase of a “gear box and bushing” for the operation of an aerator at Sewage Treatment Plant #3, 2080 Reagan Boulevard.  The purchase is from Motion Industries in the amount of $22,063.90.  The purchase will be charged to the Water and Sewer Fund.


Approval of Resolution (20R-047) Approving Emergency Communication Equipment Repair Inside the Water Tower Behind Fire Station #3  


Trustees voted to approve the replacement of microwave communication equipment that was damaged by a water leak in the water tower adjacent to Fire Station 3.  The cost is $33,559.75 and the purchase is from Xtivity Solutions Inc.  While the work needs to be completed now, insurance claims have been submitted to both Illinois American Water and the Village’s insurance companies for reimbursement.



Approval of Ordinance (20-064) Levying Taxes for Corporate Purposes of the Village of Bolingbrook for the Current Fiscal Year Commencing on May 1, 2020 and Ending April 30, 2021


Trustees voted to adopt the Village’s 2020 real estate tax levy collectable in 2021.  The Village is only levying for public safety pensions and debt service.  No money for Village operations or services are included.  The Village’s estimated equalized assessed valuation is expected to increase by 2.5% to $2,331,028,800 and the average Bolingbrook home value is $214,938.


This years’ levy is expected to decrease from $21,626,048 to $20,626,048, a reduction of $1 million. The average home will see a decrease in the Village portion of the tax bill of $30.74.


The Village is able to reduce the levy by using some CARES Act monies and recognizing that sales tax revenues have not been as impacted by the COVID-19 virus as originally believed.


The Finance Committee reviewed and recommended approval.


Approval of Ordinance (20-065) Abating Taxes Heretofore Levied to Pay Interest and Principal on $57,045,000 General Obligation Bonds, Series 2014A of the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois, for the Tax Levy Year 2020


Trustees voted to abate $1,619,408 of the debt service levy for 2020 leaving a levy amount of $2,238,042.  The Village is able to abate this amount by dedicating some Federal Cares Act funding toward reducing the real estate tax bill. (See Ordinance 20-064).  Additionally, sales tax collections have improved since the 2020-2021 fiscal budget was adopted.  The COVID-19 virus has not had as negative affect on the budget as anticipated earlier in the year.  By utilizing these funds to abate the levy, the Village is able to reduce the Village portion of the real estate tax bill saving the average homeowner $30.74.


Approval of Ordinance (20-066) Abating Taxes Heretofore Levied to Pay Interest and Principal on $35,795,000 Special Service Areas Numbers 2001-1, 2001-2, 2001-3 and 2002-1 Special Taxes Refunding Bonds, Series 2018


Trustees voted to abate $1,380,319.56 of the 2020 Special Service Area (SSA) levy leaving a levy amount of $3,302,102.44.  Special Service Areas were used by several developers in the early 2000’s to finance subdivision infrastructure.


The SSA’s are not a debt obligation of the Village and the Village’s “full faith and credit” does not guarantee payment of the bonds so this is not considered Village debt.


Approval of Ordinance (20-067) Adding Section 7-506 “Collection Fees and Costs” to the Municipal Code (Retention of a Collection Agent)


Trustees voted to amend Chapter 7 of the Municipal Code by adding Section 7-506 “Collection of Fees and Costs”. While the Village currently has collection agency agreements with companies to collect amounts due the Village, this new section will allow the Village to add the cost of collections (fees and cost) to the amount owed.  Previously the costs came out of any debt recovery.


Approval of Ordinance (20-068) Accepting the Public Improvements to Rodeo Drive from Dalton Lane to Kings Road (Northern Builders) Subject to the Co-Administrators of Public Services Approval


Trustees voted to accept a bill of sale from Northern Builders for the Public Improvements the developer made to Rodeo Drive from Dalton Lane to Kings Road.  They installed the two southerly lanes of Rodeo Drive and the traffic signal at Dalton Lane.  The staff is requesting that the Resolution be passed subject to the Co-Administrators for Public Services approval as the Village is waiting for as-built plans and some punchlist items to be completed.


Approval of Ordinance (20-069) Accepting the Public Improvements in the Veterans Point Subdivision (Crow Holding)


Trustees voted to accept a Bill of sale from Crow Holdings for the public improvements made in the development of the Veterans Points Industrial Park, including the extension of Windham Parkway.  All of the improvements have been completed and final plans submitted.


Approval of Ordinance (20-070) Approving Agreement with Edward Health Ventures Regarding Parking Land Banking (130 North Weber Road)


Trustees voted to renew a landbank parking agreement with Edward Health Ventures for the property at 130 N. Weber Road.  The original agreement was approved by the Board in 2011 (Ordinance 11-015).  Neither the owners nor the Village has seen a need for increased parking.  The ten (10) year agreement allows space for twenty-one (21) cars to be kept as “green space”.  If the need for additional parking develops, the Village can give the owner sixty (60) day notice to add additional parking.


Approval of Ordinance (20-071) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “D-1” (Outdoor) from Twenty-Five (25) to Twenty-Four (24) and Class “D-2” (Full Service) from Twenty (20) to Nineteen (19) – Islamorada Fish Co. (Bass Pro)


Trustees voted to decrease the Class “D-2” full liquor license from twenty (20) to nineteen (19) and Class “D-1” liquor license outdoor dining from twenty-five (25) to twenty-four (24).  Bass Pro has closed the Islamorada Fish Company restaurant.  The company is looking to sublet the restaurant space to a third party.  This action reflects the closing.


Action regarding Village Clerk

Motion to Accept the Resignation of Village Clerk Carol Penning, Effective December 18, 2020


Trustees voted to accept the resignation of Carol Penning.


Motion to Appoint a Village Clerk to Fill the Remainder of the Unexpired Term of Carol Penning, Effective December 18, 2020


Trustees voted to appoint Martha “Marti” Barton as Village Clerk.


Administering the Oath of Office to Swear in the Newly Appointed Village Clerk, Effective December 18, 2020


Mayor Alexander-Basta administered the oath of office to Marti Barton.