Board Actions 09.08.20

Agenda Action by the Village Board:


The Village Board meeting of September 8, 2020 included the following actions.


Approval of Bills


Trustees voted to approve bills in the amount of $4,462,631.13.


Approval of a Real Estate Sales Contract for Lots 114 and 115 in Americana Estates


Trustees voted to approve a vacant land sales contract for lots 114 and 115 in Americana Estates.  The buyer recently purchased lots 102, 103, 116 and 117 which are being consolidated into one lot for a single home.


Approval of Ordinance (20-048) Renaming 115th Street and the Performing Arts Center  


Trustees voted to approve renaming of 115th Street from Remington Boulevard to Kings Road to Claar Boulevard and naming the Performing Arts Center, behind Village Hall, the “Roger C. Claar Performing Arts Center”.

These namings recognize the years of service and significant contributions that Mayor Emeritus Roger Claar has made to the community and its residents.


Approval of Ordinance (20-049) Amending Section 7-210 Fines/Penalties Pertaining to Administrative Adjudication of Vehicular Standing, Parking and Compliance Violations of the Municipal Code


Trustees voted to approve revisions to the Municipal Code and amends Section 7-210 pertaining to the Administrative Adjudication process to comply with a recent Court ruling regarding paying of fines and processes for Hearings for various local Ordinance violations.


Approval of Ordinance (20-050) Amending Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code Decreasing Class “C” from Nine (9) to Eight (8) – Mariscos Mi Estilo La Perla, LLC


Trustees voted to reduce the number of Class “C” (beer and wine) licenses to reflect the decision by the owners who put their plans to open a restaurant at 222 N. Bolingbrook Drive “on indefinite hold” due to COVID-19.


Approval of Ordinance (20-051) Amending Chapters 3, 5 and 6 of the Municipal Code Regarding Administration of the Police and Fire Department


Trustees voted to reinstate the positions of the Office of Police Chief and Fire Chief due to the creation of the Co-Administrator positions and the elimination of the Public Safety Director role.

Approval of a Motion to Appoint Deputy Police Chief Michael Rompa to Position of Chief of Police


Trustees voted to appoint Deputy Police Chief Michael Rompa to Position of Chief of Police with the approval of Ordinance (20-051).  The Position of Fire Chief will be handled in the near future.