Information Technology

MS-ISAC Best of the Web!

On behalf of the MS-ISAC, we would like to congratulate the Village of Bolingbrook for coming in 1st place in this year’s Best of the Web Contest for the Local Government sector! Your site provided extensive information and resources for many different audiences, was user friendly, and was also visually appealing. This site truly reflects how cybersecurity awareness pages can be incredibly useful and impactful for employees and the public alike.

  • Town Center
  • Public Works Facility (Canterbury)
  • 3 Wastewater plants
  • 5 Fire Stations
  • Animal Control
  • Police Department
  • Community Center
  • Clow Airport
  • LAN/WAN Networking, Security, Firewalls
  • Email and Web Access
  • Desktop, laptop, smartphones and Server support
  • iSeries operating system and equipment support
  • Desktop Application support
  • Bolingbrook Website Support
  • Bolingbrook Mobile Application Support
  • Helpdesk
  • Project Management
  • Wireless Access Points
Message From the Chief Information Officer

Police Chief Mike Rompa
James Farrell
Chief Information Officer

The IT Department (by working with the other departments of the Village of Bolingbrook, vendors and consultants) develops and tests plans for disaster recovery and business resumption. What we do on a daily basis is not only for the Village of Bolingbrook Town Center, but also for the good of all Bolingbrook residents. We are here to serve the needs of all. Any feedback or questions can be directed to James Farrell when it comes to the technology needs of Bolingbrook. We want to make sure that Bolingbrook will always remain a great place to live, work and raise a family!