News articles are overseen by The Village of Bolingbrook Staff.

Our goal is to share news of a “positive” nature about the people, places and events that affect Bolingbrook.

We understand that bad things happen every day, however news coverage that disproportionately casts a spotlight on the “negative” aspects of society has created the perception that people are only interested in reading about injustice and abuse.

Here you will find articles about what is being done to improve lives, lift the human spirit and contribute positively toward the betterment of Bolingbrook. Going forward we endeavor to aid you in making sense of what is happening, will happen or has happened in our immediate environment.

NOTE: We are always on the lookout for "GOOD NEWS" about anything that is, has, or might transpire within Bolingbrook's boundaries. We invite you to submit leads and tips to our Webmaster.