Fire and Police Board

Public Meetings

Held:                     1ST & 3RD  Monday of each month

Time:                    7:00 pm

Location:              375 West Briarcliff Road, Bolingbrook IL

                              Police Administration Conference Room



Prepare and conduct competitive examinations for the appointment of Police Officers and Firefighter/Paramedics as well as promotions within those departments. The Board also conducts hearings relative to disciplinary matters.



The Bolingbrook Fire and Police Board derives its authority from the Illinois Municipal Code, Illinois Compiled Statutes and from Village of Bolingbrook Ordinances and as such are responsible for the following:


Recruitment, selection and appointment of qualified candidates to fill vacancies for original appointment of Police Officer and Firefighter/Paramedic.


Determining testing and selection processes that allow qualified employees to participate in the promotional process for the positions of Lieutenant and Captain in the Fire Department and Sergeant in the Police Department.


Conducting disciplinary hearings or appeals of disciplinary action in the Fire and Police Department.