Public Services

Mission Statement

Public Services & Development will strive to maintain and improve the Village infrastructure system while promoting orderly expansion. We will provide customer service to our residents, businesses and visitors that will improve the quality of life, while cultivating a knowledgeable, safe, efficient workforce that champions a rewarding work environment for all our employees. Our philosophy of teamwork and collaboration is championed by our shared value for: Accountability, Respect for Diversity & the Environment, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Quality of work, Positive Attitude and Commitment


Public Services & Development combines Public Works, Community Development and Planning &Zoning Departments providing services to residents with respect to public right of way and infrastructure. The department answers questions regarding garbage pickup, recycling, and yard waste collection, schedules service tickets for street light and pothole repair, dead animal removal from Village streets and other requests for services handled by its various divisions (Engineering, Streets, Building and Fleet Maintenance, Forestry and Electrical and Wastewater Utilities). In addition review of all developmental and permit applications for compliance with zoning development and building codes and issuance of building permits and occupancy certificates.

The Public Services Department business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, however, a Public Services employee is always on call. For emergency situations that arise after-hours that require immediate attention, contact Non Emergency Police Department at (630) 226-8660 and they will notify the Public Services on-call employee.