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Collection Schedule Map

Major Updates To Note:

  • Collection schedule remains the same
  • Residents now have the choice for an OPTIONAL cart/toter for refuse collection
  • If a resident chooses to opt in and use the cart, they must rent carts directly from Flood Brothers
  • (rental fee of $2.50 per month. Cart rental will be billed annually by Flood Brothers. *Flood Brothers SPECIAL, all residents selecting a cart will provide both a garbage cart and a recycling cart for the price of one cart ($2.50 per month)*)
  • Residents will only be allowed a total of three (3) carts per residential unit.
  • Those residents using carts MUST follow village ordinance for storage (stored out of public view/not visible from the street)
  • There will be a zero tolerance policy for violations
  • Residents may still dispose of refuse in a similar manner to the current Groot contract placing standard garbage bags at the curb and recycling in a bin
  • Blue bins will eventually be replaced at no charge to the resident

In order to guarantee residents receive their carts by May 1st, they must sign up by Tuesday, March 8th. There is no deadline to choose the cart option.


All questions may be directed toward Flood Brothers:

(630) 919-0400 or bolingbrook@floodbrothersdisposal.com

See details regarding frequently asked questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

To see the most frequently asked questions regarding refuse collection, click here.

Pay Refuse Bill

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Regular refuse will be collected once per week curbside. Residents may place bags or rented carts out by 7:00 a.m. Additional waste outside Flood Brothers cart may be placed in bags that may not exceed 32-gallon or fifty pounds (50lbs). Unlimited number of bags will be picked up each week. A 35-gallon or 65-gallon refuse cart is available for rental for a monthly fee of $2.50, billed annually. Carts can be rented through Flood Brothers by contacting our office. RENT CART HERE


Regular recycling will be collected once per week curbside. Residents may place Village supplied bins or rented carts out by 7 a.m. A 35-gallon or 65-gallon refuse cart is available for rental for a monthly fee of $2.50, billed annually. Carts can be rented through Flood Brothers by contacting our office.

Recycling materials will be commingled (i.e., plastic, glass, metal, and paper products mixed together). Preparation requirements for households participating in the recycling program including rinsing, removing labels, flattening, removing caps and lids, etc. can be found on Flood Brothers’ website. Resident may place their recycling materials in additional containers marked recycling with handles or simply place them neatly alongside of recycling containers on collection day.

Yard Waste

Flood Brothers will provide yard waste collection from April 1st through December 15th. All yard waste shall be placed in a biodegradable Kraft bag, of a size no larger than 33 gallons and not to exceed 50 lbs.

Flood Brothers will accept and collect all bundles of brush or limbs, providing the bundles do not exceed a weight of fifty (50) pounds per bundle, are not more than four (4) feet long, are not more than two (2) feet in diameter, do not contain limbs greater than three (3) inches in diameter and are tied with twine.

Bulk Items

As part of the regularly scheduled refuse collection, Flood Brothers will collect one (1) bulk item per week on refuse collection day at no charge. Additional bulk items are $8.00 per item. Residents are asked to call ahead to schedule additional bulk items. An example, the following items are considered bulk items: mattresses, box springs, tables, chairs, and other furniture. Bulk items weighing over 50 pounds require special pick-up. Please call Flood Brothers to schedule.

Christmas Tree Collection

Flood Brothers will provide a special free collection for Christmas trees the month of January.

White Goods

Flood Brothers will also provide collection services for white good items (i.e., appliances). One (1) per week on refuse collection day at no charge. Examples shall include refrigerators, dish washers, water heaters, washers, dryers, etc. Residents will be asked to call our office 24 hours prior to collection to schedule pick up.

Construction Debris

Small amounts of "do-it-yourself" projects less than 50 lbs will be collected for a fee of $15.75 per yard with minimum of two yards. Anything greater call the office to schedule a special collection. Construction debris must be contained in either cans or plastic bags not exceeding 33 gallons in size and 50 pounds in weight. Construction and remodeling debris that cannot be containerized must be securely tied and bundled. Bundles must not exceed 4 feet in length and 50 lbs in weight. Flood Brothers has roll off dumpsters available for rental for larger volumes of construction debris.

Household Hazardous Waste

Flood Brothers would inform residents to reach out to our office when a possible hazardous waste material may need to be disposed of (i.e., paint, pesticides, poison, cleaning solvents, oil, gasoline, and other automotive fluids). They will work with the resident to find the best solution for disposal with the assistance of DuPage and Will County Recycling programs.

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 7:30a.m. - 5:30p.m.

Saturdays 8:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

Holiday Schedule

If Holiday falls on a weekday or Sunday, (if holiday falls on Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday) and your regularly scheduled pickup is on or after the holiday, your pickup will be delayed by one day. The following is a list of observed holidays:

New Year's Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

The Collection will be delayed one day if one of the listed holidays above falls during the week.

Collection Days

All materials (refuse, recycling, yard waste) will be collected on the same day, once a week Monday through Friday.

Electronics Recycling

Flood Brothers will provide weekly collection services for electronic recyclables (including 1 TV) per collection. Additional TV's will be charged $25.00 per TV. If additional TV weighs over 50 lbs charge will be $50.00. Residents are asked to call our office 48 hours prior to collection to schedule pick up.

Please visit www.floodbrothersdisposal.com for acceptable items for curbside electronics collection.

Time Of Cart Placement For Collection

Receptacle of residential waste or one-way garbage bags may be placed at the curb no earlier than 6:00 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled garbage pick-up. It shall be unlawful for any receptacle of residential waste or one-way garbage bag to remain at the curb or otherwise not properly stored after 7:00 p.m. on the scheduled garbage pickup-up date. This subsection shall also apply to the times landscape waste may be placed at the curb for pickup during the applicable period for collection of landscape waste as defined by section 42-7.

Contact Information

  • Flood Brothers
  • phone(630) 919-0400
  • mailbolingbrook@floodbrothersdisposal.com