Refuse Collection FAQ

What are my payment options?

When was the garbage fee removed from my tax bill?

The garbage fee was removed from the 2017 tax bill payable in 2018. Garbage collection cost is no longer on your current tax bill.

How much is the refuse charge per month?

The refuse charge per month is $21.67 per household.

I would like to rent out my property. Are there any requirements/guidelines for this?

The Bolingbrook “Good Neighbor” Rent Lease Program requires all landlords to have a valid license from the Village of Bolingbrook. All requirements can be found at

Is there an opt-out option?

No. Flood Brothers is the contracted refuse provider for the Village of Bolingbrook.

How do other communities charge for garbage pick-up?

The vast majority of communities have garbage charges included on the water/sewer bill. Other communities have the waste hauler bill the resident direct.

If I live part of the year elsewhere can I get a discount?

No. The waste charge is a flat monthly fee.

Can I prepay the annual charge?

Yes, you can prepay the monthly/quarterly charge. The total amount for 1 year is $260.04.

Will my garbage service have any changes?

No. Your pickup day will remain the same.

Do I have the option to get a recycling toter from Flood Brothers?

This new contract will now allow residents the choice in how they dispose of waste and recycling. Residents can continue to use bags and now have the option to rent a garbage and recycling cart from Flood Brothers, for a rental fee of $2.50 per month. Please review the Village ordinance for cart storage on our website. Residents will be allowed a maximum of three (3) carts per residential unit. Cost of renting the carts will be paid directly to Flood Brothers. For more information click here

How will this affect apartment renters?

Each apartment complex owner will decide how they want to handle waste hauling for their renters.

When will I receive my bill?

You will receive a bill quarterly. The Village of Bolingbrook has been divided into 3 districts. The West District will receive the 1st bill in May. The East District will receive a bill in June and the Central District will receive a bill in July.

When is my payment due?

The payment will be due 30 days after your billing date.

Is there a senior citizen or disability discount?

No, there is not a discount.

Will I be able to use auto pay to pay my bill?

Yes, you can enroll in auto credit card payments or EFT payments once you create an online account.