The Sister City relationships Bolingbrook has developed across the world with China, India, the Philippines, Pakistan and now with Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo - in poetic terms are like brilliant jewels adorning our multifaceted community crown.
Bolingbrook is a community distinguished by its ethnic diversity and unprecedented level of inclusiveness.
If our neighborhoods could speak they would say, “Hate has NO Home Here!”
At Bolingbrook’s founding, in 1965, the Village was little more than land surrounded by a sea of cornfields. Like waves in the ocean, each successive decade has opened the floodgates to diverse ethnic tides.
Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar comments, “I am proud of the ways diverse residents representing a range of races, creeds and colors have stepped forward and taken the lead in developing “Sister City” relationships. Dr. Sylvere Malonga follows in the footsteps of fellow residents who have coordinated Bolingbrook delegations to grace the soil of their home countries. These actions by extension have proven effective avenues for trade and tolerance.” 
Sister City agreements are in line with the ethnic evolution of Bolingbrook. Between our boundaries, a rich tapestry of cultures unfold that are interwoven by threads of service and strengthened by residents that hail from almost every continent in the world.
Although Bolingbrook’s various cultural groups arrived in waves, they settled un-cloistered in subdivisions throughout the Village. The determination of destination had nothing to do with race or origin.
Neighborhoods evolved organically. As a result, racial, religious and cultural tolerance are not ideals to strive for… they are the norm and as such represent Bolingbrook’s inherent value.  
The Village of Bolingbrook embraces the Sister City concept because it captures the Spirit of America.